Travelling Willow Ceramics

The willow pattern is an iconic design that has made itself at home in cities across the globe. Surrounded by myth and legend, the pattern has been reproduced in numerous ways over the years. Beyond its material form, the willow pattern has far reaching roots into the memories and hearts of many.

I developed the Travelling Willows in 2019 by using the traditional willow pattern as a conceptual lens to explore cityscapes around the world. The end product was a completely new interpretation of the classic design.

The Travelling Willows were transformed into ceramics in collaboration with Mervyn Gers Ceramics, handmade in Cape Town.

100% locally designed and produced. The plates & bowls are dishwasher safe.


Please see details below for purchase.

Travel from the comfort of your own dining room table with the Travelling Willows.

The Travelling Willow Designs:

Initially I had only 6 designs: Cape Town Willow, London Willow, Amsterdam Willow, New York Willow, Tokyo Willow and Sydney Willow.

During the nationwide lockdown imposed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I designed three more: Johannesburg Willow, Pretoria Willow and Durban Willow. These designs were created to serve as a reminder of how much there still is to celebrate about our beautiful country.

A Cape Town Willow bowl was introduced in 2023. The design has more clean lines, to complement the rest of the set when arranged together. The bowl is a versatile shape & size.

In 2023 I designed the Cape Town Willow Platter. Limited to just 300, each platter has its own unique number on the back. The platters are available directly from Mervyn Gers Ceramics.

Devise your own travel itinerary for the dining room table – City designs can be mixed and matched when ordering.

Cape Town Willow Pair
New York Willow pair
Sydney Willow pair
London Willow pair
Tokyo Willow pair
Amsterdam Willow pair
Johannesburg Willow pair
Durban Willow pair
Pretoria Willow pair

A matching dinner and side plate make up a pair.

Dinner Plates: 29 cm diameter.

Side Plates: 19 cm diameter.

Bowls: 18cm diameter & 4cm deep.

The Cape Town Willow set: bowls, side plates, dinner plates and limited edition platter.
Note: Platter is available directly from Mervyn Gers Ceramics:

Ordering Ceramics:


Willow designs can be mixed and matched according to your own preference.

The plates are sold as pairs
(1 x dinner plate & 1 x side plate) for R 880.00

Individual plates are also available: R 550 for a dinner plate & R 350 for a side plate.

Cape Town Willow bowls: R 425 each.

Courier delivery is available countrywide and abroad.

To place orders please e-mail me:

Prices do not include delivery costs. When placing your order please advise where you would like the ceramics delivered to.

Please note: Due to the handmade nature of the production process, slight variations can occur in the shape & shade. Each plate has it’s own special story to tell.

Plates can also be wall mounted.

Cape Town Willow dinner & side plate.